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Merrill Williams R.E.A.L. 101.3 Turntable


     The R.E.A.L. turntable works on the the principle of energy management.  Understanding that any and all resonance or vibration if transmitted to the disc will be read by the stylus along with the music, the plinth is made of Rubber Elastomer Acoustic Laminate to minimize or eliminate even more mechanical noise. The fluid damped motor, the platter, bearing and tonearm are attached to the Elastomer to stop the introduction of detrimental resonances.


      A new center weight and feet provide a more elegant design to the 101.3.  


     Every component in the table from the feet to the clamp are specifically engineered to leave the music and only the music for the needle to capture. It’s the only U.S. patent granted to a turntable since 1958.



The Merrill & Williams story

Hi my name is George Merrill I have designed and produced turntables since 1979. I enjoy seeing the smiles on peoples face when they are swept away in a musical presentation. The concerns and feedback from many would be audiophiles is the cost of excellent equipment. My goal has always been to provide the best possible performance at a price that is affordable. Over the years my Energy Management designs have been the cutting edge. Some of the innovations include: Fluid Damped Motor, Oilwell bearing, Constant Resonant Tuning System, Periphery clamping ring and Spectrum analyst resonant tuning. If you are looking for a music reproduction system that will send the goose bump factor through the roof, you must start with the heart of the system, the turntable.

  • Energy management design

  • Rubber Elastomer Acoustic Laminate

  • Elastomer suspended MDS impregnated oil well bearing

  • ¾ inch polished stainless steel spindle

  • Inverted adjustable hemispheric feet

  • Acoustic Isolation Valleys

  • Elastomer suspended azimuth adjustable tonearm mounting platform

  • Bakelite resin composite platter

  • Rubber cork compound mat

  • Built in Strobe Disk

  • Elastomer suspended synchronous motor with MU shielding

  • Outboard Microprocessor Motor Drive 33-45 RPM

  • Periphery clamping ring and center weight

  • WOW & Flutter .02% Din 45-507

  • Speed Accuracy 2 parts per million


The PolyTable is also designed and manufactured by George Merrill in the USA for the music lover who wishes for a quality turntable but has a budget. The simple design criteria is to provide a quality product for anyone purchasing a true high performance turntable. The looks are striking. The sound performance will best any table in the price category and beyond. You will be very pleased!  One reason for the excellent sound quality is, Energy Management Design. As shown on the spectrum analyzer the chassis resonance frequency is the ideal 19HZ, away from arm cartridge problems and below recorded information. My products are not loaded with fancy polished gimmicks just excellent engineering.    


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