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Phono Enhancer MKIII

A new highly versatile vacuum tube phono preamplifier with MM and MC gain and unique on-the-fly adjustable tone control facilities. The frequency response of the amplifier can be controlled within wide limits by varying the edge frequencies of the de-emphasis characteristic via three 6-position rotary selectors (tone selectors).

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Full Function Preamplifier

The THÖRESS Full Function Preamplifier (FFPre) is a versatile vacuum tube preamplifier incorporating a state-of-the-art line control amplifier (2x12J5GT tubes) and a ground-breaking tube phono equalizer (2x12JGT+2xPC86 tubes) in one chassis.The phono section is by no means an afterthoughtor add-on to the line section but a state-of-the-art device, fully dedicated to maximum performance on par with the ultimate sonic capabilities of our Parametric Phono Equalizer (with tone selectors in RIAA position).

EHT Integrated MKII

The new 2024 Hybrid Triode Integrated Amplifier (EHT Integrated MKII) offers 2x20 watts of output power into a 6 ohm load combined with very low output resistance (high damping factor). Such providing excellent drive capability for loudspeakers with medium to low efficiency

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Gramophone Dreams #77: Laissez-faire Listening

     the Thöress EHT MKII integrated amplifier

Herb Reichert  |  Oct 4, 2023


EHT Mono Blocks

THÖRESS is very pleased to announce the introduction of the Hybrid Triode Mono Amplifier (EHT Monoblock), our latest achievement. The most powerful amplifier model of our product line provides 30, 40 or 50 watts of output power into a 8, 6 or 4 ohm load respectively, combined with very low output resistance (high damping factor). 

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Thöress Mono Block Transparent 1.png
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Dual Function Preamplifier

The THÖRESS Dual Function Amplifier (DFAmp) represents an ultimate implementation of a line control amplifier and a headphone driving amplifier. Both functions are performed by the same minimalist vacuum tube circuit with very low output impedance. This provides the amplifier with an outstanding ability to simultaneously drive long cable runs and headphones with an impedance as low as 50 ohms or even lower.

Also Available/Special Order

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